Fun game, but can it keep up with the big boys?

To start out, Wii Music isn't like Guitar Heroes or Rock Band, it's not trying to be, but what it does is give you a basic understanding of how music work, with some fun songs, that help you start your musical career. In Wii Music you won't find any of the real music, like what you find in the others music games, what you do find is a much simpler version of the song, something you may find in music class, or maybe in public domain list. This is great if you are a kid or maybe a beginner in music, and you just need to learn things like melody and harmony, you can use Wii Music trainer in the game, and he will teach you. You start off very simple by just playing very basic rhythms and slowly, maybe even too slowly you will learn to change pitch in the game, and speeds.
This is where the game has it problems, there isn't much left after you go through the training, you can have a Jam Section, or you can have a custom Jam, where you can pick the instrument and play along to some shallow, but popular songs. There are a few modern songs, but again, they are done to be very simple, and easy to play. After just a few hours you will have these tones done.
What unique about this game is the fact that, because it's a Wii, you use the motion of the controls to play the instrument, if you playing the drums then you use the controls as your drum sticks. If you're playing the horn then you hold one of the controls as if it's a horn, then you use the buttons to play the music. Some of it works very well, but a lot of it just don't feel right, and you soon realize that this game is only going to take you so far.
Wii Music will be great for young kids, they will enjoy the Wii Totes, they are the band that will play along with you, and for the most part are pretty good, but if you are looking for a Rock Band substitute, this isn't it. This is a much lighter, easier to learn that will be great for beginners, and especially for the young.