Into the jungle.... with a vengeance

Wow, the first previews into the game and I thought to myself what a terrible and horrible game to look at, it can't possibly get worser than the actual gameplay right? Well if I had to choose a game to not judge it by it's cover, for sure it would be this little gem. Far Cry has been built from the ground up with interesting controls and gameplay.

Pros+: Awesome setting as previous Far Cry games have put you in; Some lighting effects are pretty cool, but nothing amazing; Controls are very well thought up and there is a lot of gameplay goodness here and there; Sound is probably one of the better aspects of the game overall, very loud gun affects and excellent music.

Cons-: Not much replay value with the multiplayer; some levels tend to drag or a just a little too long; controls take a while to get used to; Graphics turn to good then to bleh in some levels.

Overall: Do yourself a big favor and rent the game first, if you like it sure enough then a purchase may be the way to go, if not you'll have at least a fun weekend blasting through the game.