Love getting overrun or outnumber your enemies?Love to see people burn from flaming arrows? Then this is the game for U!

Medieval 2 total war is the fourth game of the total war series. This game is more or less like Rome total war but with more faction and different units.

Graphics:There are awesome! No argue for that! 10/10
AI( artificial intelligent): This is where the game producer got it REALLY wrong!
First thing first. Even though some times AI are pretty smart, during siege battles they're quite dumb. When I was defending, I notice the enemy had an artillery so I took out my own artillery and shot it. Took at least 3-5minutes to destroy it and my gate was wide open! They didn't move at all! They just stand they acting like dolls. So.... overall 5.5/10
Sound: The sounds are great. That's bout it! 10/10

But still even for the bad AI is still a great game to play I recommend every who loves RTS/RTT games to play this.