A vey nice game, and with very good graphics, one would call this: AWESOME

User Rating: 10 | Guild Wars Factions PC
Guild Wars was a very fun game, and it was a new system of mmorpg, with free online play, and a mission system. When Factions came out, i Went to buy it. I thought, this is gonna be a bit worse than Prophecies, because prophs had an amazing storyline. When i started, i made an assasin, and i was immediately set up in an asian themed world. The story has mysteries in it, and it makes the game very immersive.
Though the level cap is very low, it could take you up to 70 or more to get to it, unlike other games like Lineage 2.
The people in the game are very nice, i have become friends with other players, helping them, then them helping me.
The story line is very long, ive spent around 70 hours on my assasin, and havent even got to the 3rd story mission. Now that is what you call long.
Overall, this game is all its cracked up to be, and if you dont have it, GO BUY IT!