The story is very engaging, but small parts of the game is really boring.

The heart and soul of Mass Effect is the story it is engaging and told very well as you play through the game. You get to create your own character male or female down to the details the only exception is you cannot alter the body or change the last name this is neat option before starting a game because it makes the game feel a lot more personal than just starting with the default character you will actually believe that you really are the main character.
When I started the game I was a bit lost on what to do, there aren't much in game help when you first start off you have to experiment and read the manual to learn what to do and it took me about one hour or so to get used to how the game is supposed to be played I thought the game was too complicated for my taste, but it all worked out very well in the end. The main game is made real well because of the fantastic story the drawback is the side quests they get repetitive since the developers used the same layout over and over again doing these is both fun and boring at the same time.
Another highlight of the game is the graphics it pushed the 360 to its limits, but it is not technically proficient because many times you will find that the textures don't load as fast as they should and the frame rate can get real annoying when you enter a crowded area. This game should've been made for the PS3 so it could handle its graphical demands.
Its interesting to see a hybrid RPG and shooter I don't believe it has been done before so overall this game is a memorable experience, see for yourself.