Just another treadmill.

User Rating: 3 | Guild Wars 2 PC
The brilliant Jeremy soule music suck you right in, he receives a 10/10 for another amazing soundtrack which I enjoyed listening to many hours this last year. you enter the character creator screen. and notice right away that with the exception of one human all the preset are just too damn pretty. no wonder krtya is in such shambles when its inhabitants worry to much for their looks and not about the increasing hostilities with the centaurs. after trying to make my warrior a bit more menacing with a bald head and grim eyes. I sent him right off to battle along side logan lockrey who is also too pretty. after a a few subpar voice scenes which felt like they were simply lines being read from a book by sub really subpar voice actors without any connection to the game or situation what so ever. we continued to fight off the big bad in a big and bad splashy combat scene.

Then I say to myself ok, the story wasn't the strong side of guildwars 1 either lets check the promising world evolve around you immediate events premise. I thank the princess for healing me run off to the front. because despite how relax everyone in divinity reach are. I know better the centaurs are just outside our walls and demand killing. I gather a few companions and we start killing them one after the other. but to no avail. they just keeping coming. I continue to secure camps, destroy centaur villages. but still nothing change they just keeping popping out of thin air to fight me. after a few sets of this I decide to go after those shiny hearts they have around with scripted quests. it doesn't take long before it hit me that im still a mouse on the tredmill chasing after the level up and new gear in a un inspiring game, with medicore game. and no immersion what so ever.

Multiplayer- Power of the zerg- sounds fancy but when things fall down to aoe and amount of people on each side. you lose the fun factor you get in true fps games. there is not story structure to compensate for the poor gameplay. you cannot apply to be a guard, or a merchant or go up the ranks and become the king of your faction. sure you can be a guild leader. and rp roles inside that guild but there in nothing there inside the game to encourage such behavior. the game because of the heavy grind mentality and lack of immersion atmosphere take a big toll on the social part of the game making a little difference between bots and people.

Gameplay - 3
Value - 1
Graphics - 5 (too splashy)
Music - 10
Voice acting - 2
Story - 1

Bottom line 3/10 and im being generous.