Will my graphics card run GW 2?

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My current graphics card works great with Guild Wars, but the specs for GW2 are different and I am not great when it comes to comparing graphics card models.  My card is an Nvidia NVS 3100M, would this work for Guild Wars 2?

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Minimum system requirements

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I just said that I am not great when it comes to comparing graphics card models so I don't know why you just posted the minimum requirements.

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Go here and it will tell you.

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I did use that and it says it would work, but a lot of people have been telling me that it isn't a very reliable tool.

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It's a pretty weak card, compared to whats out now. However you can probably scrape by on low-medium settings depending on what processor/how much ram you are running. I'd highly suggest getting a card that has atleast 1gb of vram though.

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maybe low
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I know this thread is old but in hopes of OP looking here, I got this for you;


A benchmark test on several games including anno 1404 and Crysis, showing good fps on low settings.

Going by that I'd say your card will run Guild Wars 2 fine on low settings since MMO's generally are better optimized for lower end systems.

As long as the rest of your pc will be at least low end decent enough, duocore and 2 gig of ram.

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I think you card will work but only on lower resolutions and you may have trouble with the frame rate when there are lots of players on the screen. So it might be hard to be competitive in PvP.