Taverns etc.

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Ok, one of the main things I did not like about a very recent and limited play through of GW1 was that there were cities and buildings, but you could not go in any of them. I saw that there are huge cities like divinities reach in GW2. But are there any taverns that you can walk into and just chill out? And are there any other buildings you can go inside like a library or a throne room? Thanks

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Yes there's a few buildings that you can go into. If you want to walk around and Role Play, I would suggest you to roll on Tarnished Coast (unofficial RP server).

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I played through 3 BWE's (beta weekend events) and 3 stress test.

Every building I could see, I could enter or climb and most had minor npc that exchanged in amusing dialogue.

... but to answer your question, Yes!

The taverns have merchants, bartenders, servers, and a mini game npc.

Each tavern has a unique mini game npc that starts a challenge game.

I know of keg racing & brawling. I think they take place in the Norn areas.

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Thanks, that sounds awsome!!

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I actually quite like haning out in taverns and talking to people in mmos.