Should I be getting a higher frame rate than this??

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Not sure why buy I feel like my FPS should be a little higher than what I'm getting, maybe im wrong, but on average I get between 19-23 ish.


My desktop is Windows7 64-bit

CPU:AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core 3.60GHz


If I am wrong I'm going to assume its on my video cards behalf, if so, will upgrading just my card give me a good boost regarding FPS?

And I'm running the majority of the game on high with a couple things on low.

Also(if its relevant) when I log in since day one I get "! Hardware Issues Detected" and basically says im using graphic drivers with known issues, and my drivers are up to date so idk how to get ride of that.

Thanks for any help and suggestions! :)


Orr does anet still have things to work on with that, becasue when I google I see alot of people with FPS problems?

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what you are getting is very reasonale, since your CPu and GPu are pretty low end,

Guild wars 2 is mostly Gpu intensive.

and a 520 is worth 20bucks

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Ok so if I decide to upgrade my GPU and/or CPU to get closer to a frame rate of 60, is it going to cost me a ton?

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I get around 30fps on high settings.  See my sig for PC specs.  My card is $170.  Great card for the price.  Plays BF3 on high too.

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Cdorris you would never get 60FPS on Max with your PC even if you upgrade.

I currently Run a 3930k with a 670 and i get 40-50FPS with everything Maxed