Server Status

#1 Posted by illusion121 (111 posts) -
Cannot find server status page for guild wars 2 anywhere. Anybody have a good link? Haven't been able to log in for the last 1.5hrs~ Currently 8:44am EST
#2 Posted by The-Big-Dirty (21 posts) -

The servers have been having issues, AreaNet are trying to sort it all out supposedly!.....Hoping it's fixed by the time my 20gb download finishes in the next week or two.

#5 Posted by illusion121 (111 posts) -
You could have downloaded the client prior to early headstart :P Not like it matters anyways....servers r still down..
#6 Posted by Jorlen (1013 posts) -

Why do they not release a torrent in order to download the client!?  Makes no sense at all, of course their servers will fail when tens of thousands try downloading a 14gb file at high speed....