RANDOM BLACK SCREEN ( while playing )

#1 Posted by alestel123 (1 posts) -
Hey guys, im hoping that someone else that looks at these forums has a similiar issue that i am having and might have a fix. Every once in a while while playing my screen goes black randomly, i can see the cursor and hear sound and bring up the options with F11 but thats all i can do. I have to close the client and than restart it for it to go black again anywhere from 5 minutes to 5 hours after logging back in. I have a saphire Radeon HD 6870 with most recent drivers and nothing at all is overheating i have been monitoring everything. I am playing on a 32' flat screen hdtv at 1360x768 resolution and i have no issues playing about 5 other games. I know other poeple have been having issues with this but if you know how to fix it or maybe a possible solution that would be great cause its really annoying...... thanks :)