PvP Modes - only sPVP and WvWvW?

#1 Posted by Gr33nHippo (21605 posts) -

I've just been told that there is no RA, TA, HoH, GvG, or dueling in this game? Seriously?

Are they planning to implement these at some point?

I'm not trolling, I'm just looking for information. I tried searching around, but can't find any credible information (there was something from a portuguese forum about GvG in the works - not sure if true).

#2 Posted by Baselerd (5104 posts) -

sPvP is not random per se, but you have a server browser that allows you to join without a full team. 

#3 Posted by raikiry (59 posts) -

No dueling? hmm not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing, thou I would like the option.

#4 Posted by sune_Gem (12463 posts) -

Dueling should be in the game. Simple as that. It's such a simple mechanic that's completely optional and avoidable to those who don't want to participate in such.