Pre-launch and cd key question

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Hello everyone,

Went to buy gw2 at a midnight launch store, so this morning I open the game and it doesnt ask me for the cd key and lets me play ( as I had already had a prelauch play early days from gamestop )

Was wondering, is something bugged or is the servers just not live yet or something?


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Here is the exact e-mail you should receive -

Dont Forget to Pick Up Your Guild Wars 2 Box to Continue Playing

Guild Wars 2officially launches on August 28, 2012.

As a Pre-Purchase customer, you will need to return to the retailer where you made your pre-purchase with receipt in order to receive your retail box and serial code.In order to continue playing without interruption, you will need to apply this retail serial code to your Guild Wars 2 account within FIVE DAYS of launch.

- TheGuild Wars 2Team