No Players?

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So I'm new to the whole MMO scene and this is my first one. Got the game cause it was only $25. Since I've always been intrigued my Guild wars I thought I'd try it out. It isn't to be bad so far... a lot going on in the game.

My problem is, I have yet to encounter any other real players. Everybody in game is a NPC. It just takes away from the feel of the massive world that there is. Doing the events also becomes challenging. Anybody else that has recently started having the same issue? I watched a couple YouTube videos of people starting out new characters/games and they all seem pretty populated with other players running around. I don't get why my world feels so empty?

(My home world has a high population in case that matters?)

Thanks for the input.

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This is a terrible place to ask, barely anyone on GS checks the game specific forums page.
Go to the official forums

To answer your question, every MMO gets their starting areas empty on the first few months, good news is the new Megaserver system is fully implemented so you'll have no problems now. But you probably already know that ;)

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You're probably 80 by now since this post was 4 months ago. Anyways most people don't spend much time in low level zones because you progress so fast. You could probably level to 10 just running around getting waypoints in the starting zones, that or do a couple story missions and you'll level fast since each one gives you like 1/2 a level of exp.

Anet now uses a mega server strategy where if you're doing pve you'll be with all the other servers.