My entire PC is ready for this game

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I didn't do the beta cause I work the weekends anyway and have a slow connection

Here is my PC specs for Guild wars 2

AMD FX 6100 3.3 ghz 6 core CPU

16 gigs of G-skill Rip Jaws

550 ti card (will upgrade to a 660ti when it comes )

Logitech M500 mouse

Razer speed edition mouse pad

ASUS 21.5 led lcd

Gigabyte 990fxxa-ud3 AM3+ motherbord I'm a fan of GIgabyte for life build quality is better then Asus

Logitech Z906 speaker system

Sound blaster Recon 3-D fatality sound card

Microsoft 600 keyboard it's cheap 20.00 keyboard but I like how it handles.

Low profile keys and such

I'm ready bring on GW2 =)

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The CPU might actually run into issues, depending on how well the game is optimized at launch. I lag in WvW with a Phenom II x4 :( But yeah, this game's going to rock. I bought a $100 secondary HDD just so I can record lossless FRAPS footage for Youtube :-)
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Well on this Guild wars 2 site they gave the Fx 6100 a 9/10

my GPU a 8/10

and Ram 10/10

so I'm not too worrid sorry you were lagging though

but I typed in my old processor a AMD Phenom x2 555 and it gave it a 5/10 only

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upraded to a 670 GTX alot of money but I hope I'm happy with the card really didn't want to spend that much but I heard the 660 ti is going to be 299.00 which won't even be worth buying since it has less Ram and cores. On the You tube video I posted I seen the video caster had the same card so I'm hoping for good frame rates.

If my processor doesn't work out I'll just upgrade to the 8 core Piledriver. I hope the 6 core FX is good enough I don't want to switch over to Intel unless AMD desktop CPUs are no longer being made.

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WHat Phenom version did you have?

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I'm not sure anything needs 16gb of ram o.o

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I'm not sure anything needs 16gb of ram o.o



Literally no game in the world needs more than 5 haha. This rig is good for someone who wants to run crysis on ultra and record HD montages of the gameplay. Completely ridiculous for a game like GW.