I'm struggling to get into this.

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Firstly, this is by no means a thread signalling the demise of Guild Wars 2. This is a good game and its community is flourishing, so the fanboys needn't suggest that I'm here with any ulterior motive.

My problem, though, is that I don't feel like I can accomplish anything tangible. I don't feel like the story is strong, especially when compared to the Old Republic, which handled storylines well, so I feel little attachment or drive to play through the stories and learn about the characters, which are absent from many of the Hearts anyway.

The customization isn't that interesting and I don't really see many quests where I'm unlocking armor that I instantly find to be cool and interesting, despite being level 25. I look the same as I ever did which sort of undermines the rewards for me as a person who likes to look cooler as I level up. I was especially dissapointed considering that this is something MMOs usually do well. From WoW to Tor -- even D.C Universe Online's customization was a workable alternative. I just find that my character doesn't evolve cosmetically, looking no more intimidating or powerful than a level one.

The PvP is great, but in terms of accomplishments, it doesn't feel at all attached to the main game. You wear the same outfits as everybody else. It all feels generic, with even less individualism than the main PVE game.

What I love about MMOs is that feeling of progress, individualism and personalisation that you can bring to your character. While the combat is fun in itself, I still grow tired knowing that it isn't going anywhere. I know that I'm not going to unlock an interesting new armor piece at the end of this quest, or progress a storyline that I'm very interested in, or even have something cool to take into PVP. I arrive at an area and find that I am to kill monsters or collect certain objects without even the promise of an interesting reward. I like exploring the new areas, but that's all I have to look forward to. In The Old Republic, it was the storylines and the new gear, in WoW it was the abilities (I steamed through the Druid's leveling in eager anticipation of the transformation spells), but in Guild Wars 2 I'm never anticipating anything. I feel bored training for the sake of training.

Am I the only one who thinks this and does it get any better? I really want to get into this game.

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well I think the story is better than SWTOR but thats person preference. At level 25 you arent going to have much unique gear. The actual gearing process doesnt start til you hit 80 and are gearing for exotics and legendary weapons which you get mainly from the dungeons and world bosses. For the most part you really wont have much success in the dungeons til you are 80 even if they are lower than lvl 80 dungeons since at 80 you have your full skill set that you wouldnt have at say 25 or 50. As far as pvp gear goes, you have to rank up sPvP to get different gear. The pvp system has ranks which are levels just like the PvE portion. It automatically raises you to lvl 80 when you enter sPvP and you can level to 80 in sPvP without actually leveling any in PvE., As you rank up you can unlock new, better looking skins. You basically buy boxes with the pvp currency that contain items that you have to use at the PvP forge to unlock new skins. Each new gear piece requires: 1) an item token (helm, chest, shoulder etc) 2) a rank token (rabbit, guardian etc) 3) an arcane orb, crystal, sliver etc (each one make a different gear set) 4) and 5 arcane powder You combine these items together at the pvp forge and it gives you a new skin for that item in you pvp set. The higher your pvp rank the sweeter looking the gear skin is. Keep in mind in sPvP and tPvP the gear is just that -- skins. All the pvp gear has the same stats for everyone, the system is designed so you cant faceroll people by just outgearing them, but you can actually unlock a lot of better looking gear options. In WvWvW you use your PvE gear so you can faceroll people with gear. So the point is theres a lot of better looking gear but you wont have access to it til you level up in pve and pvp. In essence its just like most other mmos. In WoW you dont start getting epic gear sets til 80, same way in SWTOR. This is no different. The main difference with GW2 is that gearing isnt the main form of progress. Participation in events probably is. Theres a new event releasing this week. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/the-game/releases/november-2012/ Its a one-time event that will probably have some unique skins/items attached to it. Just like the Halloween event had the backpack etc
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I agree with you on the story part, I also liked SWTOR story a lot more. In GW2 I hate how its presented, with the 2D background and only 2 characters on the screen. It's unengaging to say the least, and you can make choices further ahead, but not in the dialog, it's talk to this guy to do something, or that for another. On SWTOR I loved the Mass Effect style dialogs, and I remember I did complain on the camera work there, but I'd rather have that in GW2 a million times over what it has now. Ok, enough of that, to what really matters, yes, the game does get better. As for armour I'm afraid you'll have to wait for lvl 40 to start looking apart, till then you'll find yourself using the same 3 looks of armour you already found. Unless you buy a cool armour on the market and use a transmutation stone to lower the stats so you can use, I did that myself. As for rewards, it's true, the drop system isn't the best, that's because AN intentionally made it worst to be more challenging . That's both good and bad, but fear not there's a solution for you. You said you like exploring, my advise is to forget your story and do the maps, meaning, get 100% on that area doing all the Tasks(hearts), Point of Interest and Vistas. All of that gives XP and when you complete the area it also gives goods. Additionally, farm everything, metals, hoods, herbs, even if you don't do any crafting pick up everything you see and actively look for it. You can sell this on the market for a hood profit along with all the loot, but it can be very time consuming (making sure you get the best deal that is) so where's some advise on that: Make sure you have room in your inventory, an 8 slot box goes for 30 bronze more of less, make sure you have at least 4 of those. Keep depositing collectables and every week sell them in the market. After, try to sell everything you loot on the market before you sell it to an NPC, sometimes what you think it's junk it's worth a lot to people. Rawhide leather straps go for 6 on the NPCs but about 40 on the market for example. Not everything can be sold there, blue or even green armour is barely worth trying to sell, but you need time and experience on it to understand it better. You will find it boring and time consuming at first, but give it time and you'll get there. General rule, sell things just under the lowest listing, never fall for the trick to sell everything to the highest offer. As far as customisation goes, like I said earlier, it gets a lot better at lvl 40, or just buy and transmutate armour. And because theres so many choice (later on) you can build one with different bits from sets, and mix your colors, there's tons of colors that as you progress you'll unlock (or you can cheaply buy them on the market, some of them that is) in no time you'll have a unique character that you can be proud of.