How will a 550 ti graphics card handle in this game?

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I know it's way above teh minimum specs but it's not really a high end card I don't want to buy a Keplar 670 GTX or whatever if I can get away with using my cheaper card. I might sell it and buy something better or something.

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The 550ti is more then enough to max GW2. well this is assuming your processor is fairly modern. The beta version of the game runs great on my system thus far, It does use your graphics card however currently it has been doing the processing of the data on the cpu and then sending the info to the graphics card and I run everything at highest settings at 1080p on a projected image size of 120".. no problems relating to display thus far whatsoever. the games framerate has limitations but thats due to the beta and not being fully optomised. the end product will be fully optomised for both multi core cpu and graphics card running in tandom. all graphics information will then run seperately from the rest and be even smoother then now.

seriously though my card is well older then the 550ti as its a lowly 1gig gts250 . I have ran the game under both the gts250 and 550ti and no differance was noticed in visuals.. At the least I could say there may have been slightly more pop with the 550ti but nothing to write home about. The primary reason for me temporarily having the 550ti was to test out the 3Dtv play without having to buy nvidias emitter and glasses and that was garbage being as 3dtvplay limits you to 720p 3d and you can only get 1080p 3d with nvidia hardware which is complete BS. I refuse to buy more hardware as I have samsung 3dtv upstairs and optoma rf 3d setup in my mancave , not going to invest in more glasses along with another emitter to make things worse.

So dont fret the 550ti will max most games without issue and the only way you might really need more is if planning to download realism mods for games like crysis or skyrim where crap is just rediculous.

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550 ti is a perfect value card. i have the 560ti myself and ran the beta max no problem. 

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I asked this queston on the forums and said I should have no problem. But going to upgrade to a 660ti down the raod when they come out so I can max the game.



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The game looks nice asthetically, but it is not processor/gpu intensive. Low poly count and relatively low-res textures means any mid-end PC within the last few years can handle it fine.

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It'll run the game fine. If you haven't bought a card already, though, I think the 560 ti is probably a little better value because you're going to run into problems running games like Battlefield 3 on high settings with anything less.
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As a point of ref. I have everything Medium or higher with a Q6600 and a 500 meg 8800 gt oc. Runs great. obviously my PC is anything but top of the line as I built it around 5 1/2 years ago, so yeah.. a 550 ti will run this game very well.

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I just bought a 670 GTX =) I fear lagging with lots of players on the screen is the reason. Card should be here in two days or so.

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I have the 550 Ti and i got it Maxed , except Shaders at Medium. 40-50 fps. 30 fps at heavy battles.
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I have a GTX 550 TI, I5 processors running at 3.40, and 8 gigs of ram. Glad to hear I should run it smoothly. The game looks superb!
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I have the new GTX 660ti and I feel pretty comfortable about running this game on Ultra. Heck I ran the beta on med/high on my old card. I'm sure the 550 will have no problems

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I have the nvidia gtx 660 ti and am looking forward to having everything on ultra. Heck I ran the game on high on my old 260 and it ran pretty good.
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I have the nvidia gtx 660 ti and am looking forward to having everything on ultra. Heck I ran the game on high on my old 260 and it ran pretty good.
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I have a GTX670 but using an older CPU (Intel Core2Duo @3.6ghz). I run the game with max settings at 1920x1080 and it runs smooth as butter.