Help please

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I'm not being raped but....


will this laptop play Guild Wars 2?


Samsung RV520 15.6 inch Laptop - Silver (Intel Core i3 2330M 2.20GHz, RAM 4GB, HDD 500GB, DVDSMDL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit)

Thanks if you can help.

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i'm not gonna bet my life on it, but i think yes, probably on low settings

ofc the lack of external video card is the big minus with your system; i have no experience with Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit

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Probably not well. Maybe on low but it is a non-gaming laptop so that's normal.

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It might run, but not very good. When you get into PvP with 100+ players, it'll be a complete unplayable slideshow.
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You're going to at least want a dedicated GPU for gaming, generally. That laptop will run the game very poorly or not at all. Here's a cheap rig you can buy that'll run GW2 at high settings and doesn't take a huge chunk out of your wallet: