Grotesque Tactics: Evil Heroes Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Code Effect
    Find all bonus mushrooms The Ultimate Quest
    Defeat the REAL boss Motherthumper
    Find a bonus mushroom "It's-a-me!"
    Be polite to Synthia Emo Etiquette
    Find enough maidens for Holy Avatar Holy's Angels
    Convince Rukel to give back his loot Good Cop, Bad Cop
    Survive the special tutorial in Station Wish Semi-Divine Tales
    Save mandy's chocochick Animal Activist
    Add Holy Avatar to your party Ol' Buddy, Ol' semidivine Pal
    Kill the first mushroom Sweet Revenge

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Cheat Console

    - Type "zaphod" while playing the game. (You will not be able to see any confirmation of what your typing.) - Dev console will open. Type your cheat and hit enter. Console will close. - Open the console with the tilde key ("~") at any time after this.

    Code Effect
    god god mode
    set level X set level
    load [savegamename] load game
    save [savegamename] save game
    set charlevel x set character level
    toggle important no dialogs anymore
    hold campaign keep same char for attacks
    healall heal group
    set hero [ENTITYNAME] set hero
    goto [ENTITYNAME] teleport to character
    set timescale [X] set time scale
    kill kills target

    Contributed by: acidking78