Just your average shooter with an above average fun factor.

You are Nick Mason, The most bad #$^ member of an elite anti gang unit. Each mission you are given the same 4 objects. Head Shots, non lethal take downs, survival, and masks. On normal missions you also have to capture the gang leader. Performing those objects gives you medals. Medals give you more ammo, more damage, and more range on your weapons. You get to unlock new weapons as you play through special emergency missions by just completeing them.

To get the best stuff though you will have to earn more medals which means playing on a higher difficulty level. The objects will stay the same and it really isnt that more difficult but the bad guys do hurt a little bit more on higher difficulties.

After you unlock some weaponry its great fun to go back to previous stages and just blow the crap out of everybody. You get a shield early on that will block most attacks which you can drop right as a bad guy is reloading to blow his brains out.

One of the ways this game is better than most is in the size and visability of the enemy. You can clearly make out masks and bodies making it easy to perform headshots or just mow them down with shotguns and automatic rifles.

Randomly when you kill people it will go into slowme as the guy falls over and stuff which can be great fun to watch. Trying to unlock all the medals is easy but also challenging when you are playing on new stages.

The game is very satisfying. if i wanted some FPS fun i would definately pick this up along with killzone and i would be in heaven. Personally i think either of those are better than black or ghost recon advance warfighter.

To me this game is only worth buying if you can get it for 20 or less. I dont think any fps is worth full price. But i would definately pick this one up again and play it.