I hate the physics

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Graphics are great, cars look great, the tracks are fun, the sound is great, the menu presentation is awesome and I can even forgive the lack of cockpit view. However, I hate the car physics. I bought Grid 2 because i loved the first Grid but  I can't stand Grid 2 constant car drifting, it makes me feel like I'm playing a Ridge Racer in disguise. If it wasn't for the drifting, I think this would be one of the best racing games ever but as it is I will be trading it in as soon as I can.

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Keep playing it, the different cars handle differently, when choosing a car look at the type it says it is, grip, balanced, drift, they make the difference. The Golf for instance is super easy to drive with its short wheelbase and 4wd
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I think you mean the 'handling' . I agree that cars go out of control too easy.
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yes,it's hard to control cars ,the only car which has the best handling is veyron if you drive it you will know what i mean.

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Yeah, I agree the controls are kinda hard and my car often goes out of course at the bend and then it hits the tree. Nonetheless, I really love the concept of rewinding and going back in time when the car is still intact!