Could've been a great game...

As far as i'm concerned, Saints Row is the GTA made by looney peoples who thinks that realism is way too mainstream. I've never played any SR games before (Except a few minutes of trying SR2, and then stopped due to my weak computer can't really handle it), but i know enough.... Maybe.
So let's see what this game full of 18+ lunacy is made of

[I'm not even halfway trough the game yet, just sayin'.]

We'll start from the bad points... Quite a lot of 'em, Frankly

> The graphics were pretty... Disappointing. If they wanted to knock of the current sandbox king (I think) which is GTA IV and it's 2 expansion packs, they have to work on the graphics just a bit (Well... A lot, actually) more.
GTA IV has highly detailed vehicles, with gorgeous damage modelling and excellent sound. SR3 has none of them, providing low poly models, and cars that sounds like vacuum cleaners. SR have moddings, however. Although it isn't that good, but where else could you fit boudiceas to a stretch limo?!

The human models are great, providing 'The Sims' like customization, which in a game like this, is great. But have that 'Sims' like human customization in a racing game is just stupid and pointless (I'm watching you TDU2)
The game also have a lot more clothing option than GTA IV and it's expansion pack, combined. Many of them are looney and pointless, but it has steampunk clothes... Hmm... Steam...

>Sounds are not that good. Whilst human voice actings are Okay, vehicle sounds are awful, having a jet engine like sound on a family saloon? What the funk? (It could've been the turbo though. But it must be a huge turbo fitted on a microscopic engine to make that noise).

>Vehicle handles awfully. Particularly ground vehicles. It does handle better than a certain racing game (Need for Speed *Cough cough* the run) because the cars actually, uhm... Capable of taking corners? (No i'm serious. Cars in NFS The Run have no handling whatsoever)

Sea and air vehicles handles slightly better, though. Slightly... Like really...

> Shaking off cops and gangsters can be quite hard. Which is annoying. Very annoying.

Good Points:

> The variety of weapons available. From the possible, to the impossible, to the point where you think that the developers were on some narcotics.
The good, the bad, and the wacky. From shotguns, huge purple adult toys, electric cannons, and Massive Fists, it's all there. From what you expect, to what you probably don't.

>Variety of vehicles. From family saloons, APCs, Tanks, to a van with a huge head attached to it's front end. Again it's the good, the bad, and the wacky.
Whilst they don't handle that great, it's still massive fun to shoot at gang members with a tank... Whilst wearing nothing but an underwear.

>Absolute freedom whatsoever. You could do pretty much anything you want.
Including Running around a whole city... While being naked.... Whilst being chased by silly gang members in blue anime clothes....
This is one point GTA hasn't managed to do, and probably doesn't want to do, As Rockstar is aiming for realism.

The closest game i could compare this to is actually Just Cause 2. It's also made by looneys, as it seems. It has less customization, worse vehicle handling, bigger island playground, destructible environments, and better graphics. But this is better than JC2... Much, much, better (It's probably the cheat codes, though.)

In the end, Saints Row 3 can be a good timekiller if you're bored of playing GTA IV all over and over again (Or, like me, you've scratched your GTA IV disc due to over-playing). It's not a very good game, but it's definitely worth a try. You probably want to rent it first, though. And don't expect realism and sanity, as this game was developed by peoples who has seemingly consumed too much alcohol and illegal drugs.