Buy, beat, sell. its a good game, but u really have no point in keeping it tho.

This game is a marvel of XBOX technology but, i've seen better looking xbox games (no matter what gameinformer says) but the fun factor is still there. As u fight ur way out of city 17, u will make friends, lose friends, kill crazy head humpers and enemy combine soldiers. In multiplayer u will-- wait. There is no multiplayer! WTF? this is like making halo 2 for PC and making it have no multiplayer. Its a key element in the life of hl2 (well i guess it woodnt b exactly the same as halo 2 with no mulitplayer cuz at least, hl2 as a good campaign). Well u mite not be able to frag ur buddies via xboxlive or splitscreen, but being the savior of the human race offers enuff satisfaction to recommend this strange fps adventure. Gameplay is simple, switch weapon, jump, fire, grenade,crouch, u get the picture. This is ok, cuz in fps games, this formula is pretty successful.
I reccomend this game. Its good, but unless u have some extreme hl2 fettish, just rent it for a 3-day weekend, beat it, tell ur friends about it, and go on with ur life.