Superb! But "buggy";P

User Rating: 9.6 | Grandia II (Limited Edition) DC
The whole game is very good:
The gameplay,sound,video(although the freaky shadows scared me...),story,characters,monsters etc...
the best part is,that there's LOADS (and i mean LOADS) of magic and skill's that's what made the game so good ^.^!
but few things were bad... i bought the game,not downloaded it or anything... but there are quite lot's of bugs in it.... like casting a new spell with Elena,crashes the game.. or a monster spell does it....
but other than that,the game rocks ^.^
played it over,and over,and over so i selected 100 and more hours!
To creators:
(maybe it's just my system,so no offence)
look up everything a couple of times,try every magic,when you are making a game,don't miss a single bug!
other than that,i congratulate all of You,because the game was very good! keep it up!
To all RPG fans:
buy it,play it;D

that's it ^.^