This game will keep you busy till the wee hours of the night. Very detailed and tons of things for you to do its a blast

I warn you now that there may be spoilers so if you don't want to ruin it for yourself you might not want to read this.

Okay then lets start at the beginning of this game. First off the new batmobile that was used for this game was an interesting take. It has had a very long history and the new one that was in this game follows well behind the footsteps of batmobile's before it. The only thing that i didn't like about it is that it looked squished like it needed to be a bit longer to get a good shape other then that it was pretty sweet, also it would have been nice to drive it but it would have served no purpose as the game is set at the asylum.

Next thing that I liked was the amount of detail in the game itself all the way down to Killer Croc's scales. The Joker himself was looking very dark and comical at the same time and that's the best of both worlds and i give Mark Hamill a ton of credit for still doing the Jokers voice amazingly. The way the mark up on Joker looks amazing in the way that it isn't perfect and that's the way that it should be because how many psychopaths do you know that can put on make up perfectly everyday right?

The storyline is amazing and it starts with you taking the joker into the new and improved Arkham asylum with its all new security features that are suppose to keep criminals in ( to bad it never works). So the story continues as you walk through the asylum with the joker pinned down on a adjustable table. He's making jokes all the way and some are pretty amusing to be honest. Anyway...just as you two separate Harley Quinn the annoying lady as she is is waiting for the joker to get in because the joker had planned this all along and the batman " sprung his trap gloriously" as the joker says. As the story progresses you immediately have to go after him and just when you thought it was bad he releases every prisoner on the island except for a select few which get free eventually. Anyway the island eventually gets over run by the prisoners and all but a few guards and doctors survive the onslaught of the titan crazy prisoners. Now Titan is based of the venom that controls and makes Bane the tank that he is but it is more powerful and its just a simple injection rather then the tank that bane has to wear all the time to keep him massive. Titan is what the game is based about and how the joker is going to make his own army of titan enhanced prisoners that could take over the island and even as bold to say to kill the Batman himself. So you work your way through the game and you get to fight the very first titan enhanced inmate and he doesn't last long all you have to do is jump and dodge him and let him run into the walls until the prisoner is to mentally weak and just dies. The detective mode which is probably the cheapest thing to be in this game.I say that because you can go through the entire game solving all the riddles with easy and even get through the storyline with ease...and it takes away from the fun of the game i suggest you only use it when you need to or when you get stuck or are trying to find the Riddler trophy's that are hard to get to or find .Doing a review on this entire game would take me hours and i wont ruin all the fun for people who want to play the game. Its a tone of fun. I don't have a lot of experience with the other modes such as challenge mode but they are tough and if your good enough it will push your game completion further. It is fun to play the challenge mode as it gives you some practice and new ways of taking down people its also good experience for boss fights or just fighting the inmates in the story mode.

The bosses that you get to fight against are pretty fun to be honest although you don't get to fight many directly the ones that you get to are fun. The ones that you get fight directly are poison ivy,the joker, Harley you fight indirectly to capture her, Zsas is another one that you get to fight, Killer Croc you don't really fight but you make him look like a loser anyway and that's always fun to do. I'm sure I'm missing some but they are the best and fun to fight in the game.

As Gamespot said the bosses that you get to fight are fun but they missed out on potential boss fights that could have been a lot of fun to fight against. Such as mister freeze or the penguin himself.