Grandia 2 is the best RPG on the Dreamcast. If you have a PS2 or DC, and you don't have this game, find it!

User Rating: 10 | Grandia II (Limited Edition) DC
This is one of the only game I have played that I think deserve a 10. It is a overall good game. The graphics are amazing. It has an excellent story line.

Gameplay- 10- You have a variety of people who will be in your party. They are all unique and funny. Grandia 2 has the best battle system I have ever seen on a RPG. It is all real time, only you command and they do it.

Graphics- 10- This is the first game I have ever seen use actual movies for some of the cutscenes. In battle, pretty much all the moves and magic is a video. The fields and dungeons are amazing. The Granacliffs, Carbo Village, Baked Plains, and many more I won't spoil for you have great colors and are all distinct.

Sound- 10- This has some of the best sound I have heard in a game. The sounds always fit the graphics, and they are all pleasing to hear, whether it be Elena's singing or the boss battle music.

Value- 10- There are very few side quests and I am not sure about after the final boss, but it has taken me 30 hours so far, with out the Raul Hills sidequest, and I just started the final dungeon, and in it, you have to refight the most major bosses of the game. I would say overall, an average of 40 hours to complete. That is just right for an RPG, not to long, not too short.

Tilt- Overall, this game is the most advanced RPG on the Dreamcast, and one of the best on the PS2.