Finally! A good, challenging RPG you get stuck into!

User Rating: 10 | Grandia II PC
So, what makes this game different from the rest? I feel its the amazing graphics and characters that really get you into this game.

Although the graphics for the PC version can be a bit boggy at times, it beats all other RPG games I have ever played. You find also when in combat, which is alot easier to use than others too, that moves will 'freeze' for a few seconds after. This being the only problem, I find it really minor.

The characters are all significant yet stereo-typical all the same. The main character, like all, big brave heroic type. He even comes equipped with the love triangle beyween two female characters, one good and one bad. Then there is the little, adorable kid who gets damn annoying after a few places, and even the hybrid animal / monster thing whos looks can be very decieving.

The music on the game is brilliant, and you can buy the albums to go with it! Instead of the little Midi sounds, you get full instruments with vocals. The vocal singers are fantastic and really brighten up the game.

The game is so addictive, and it takes about 25 - 30 hours to fully complete the game. I highly recommend buying it!