There had been lots of lame Role playing games. This time I have a different point of view

User Rating: 8.2 | Grandia II (Limited Edition) DC
IT started up with a nice intro! Something I rrealy wanted to see! Yes Verry Cool!. Starting the game had a movie type. lots of graphics. Get to play the Geohound is a nice touch. I would haved like to hear more of the charactors more offen. I guess the disc can handle only so much.
I noted the cool battles that keep me busy! Nice!
The Srory line keeps me verry busy. I realy got into the story line.
Geohound details are realy top notch.
I get to pick and choose weapons.
Lots of Easter Egg hunting! trying to find weapons and other cool stuff.
Evil plots keep my fingers busy. I got in to the act.
the ending of the game was verry much different from any type of RPG game. Nice and long! Next thing I know it I was taking part of the ending.
Waching the ending is not enough. I had to take part of the ending.
only thing too much "GOD" stuff.. verry heavy and lack of voice acting for the audio was too short is the only I realy recomand getting this game if you can find it Sorry to say the PS2 version suffered grahpic lost. PS2 is a port over from the DC. I look foward to Grandia III