this game has a massive area to explore lots to do in this game, not that much guns,but it packs a lot of cars to steal.

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto (Pokkiri 1400 Series) PS
This game has to be in everyone's game library because there is so much to do, like kill people who does not want to that. and you get to play in all three city s like liberty city,vice city and san andreas. Not that much guns but great guns like the flamethrower, roketlancher, the pistol,machine gun and many more.but it packs a lot of cars to steal.This game has a massive area to explore lots to do in this game. This game is what made the playstaion (psx) what it is today the best video game console in the history of consoles. And many sequels came after it like gta London, gta 2, gta3,gta vc, gta sa, gta lcs,gta vcs and finally gta 4. This game was the first mature gta and everyone liked the idea of it being mature,not mature17+like the newer ones. This game so good it later came for the gba but i can't find so it must be an official Nintendo game. but the first complain for this game was the birds eye view that was in the three originals but i guess that became popular cause it was a camera angle in gta 3 but i haven't seen it in the ones after gta3, so even the complaints have became popular with this game.