Final Fantasy 7 is The Best Video Game EVER MADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Fantasy 7 a game that must be played 10/10 that's what I give it cause of all the action Drama fantasy that FF7 has.FF7 starts off as cloud is coming out a train with his buster sword {large sword that cloud has on his back} he try's to stop the reactor but it explodes Cloud escapes then later meets people that will help him stop the reactors from draining the Mako energy from the planet after a while he encounters an old rival named Sephiroth{Long Sword Silver hair} he wants to destroy the plant cause of all the experiments they did to him like cloud tells a story when he and Sephiroth all the things he says are not true cause Zack is the one who was with Sephiroth in the Reactor Cloud was the soldier in the blue but when Cloud comes to the reactor he sees Sephiroth looking at jenova then he getts mad and kills zack then cloud throws Sephiroth down to the water but he dosnt die so now he's back to get revenge on cloud and the whole world and now cloud has to step up to save the world