The first ever GTA GBA game which is not appreciated to its potential!

User Rating: 8.8 | Grand Theft Auto GBA
This game is genuinly an excellent peice of gameplay. You get to experience a huge liberty city from your GBA. From those who are familiar with the original games they will realise the similarity. Though this game did eventually recieve its 17+ MATURE rating i think its a B******s age rating to give it! I mean yes its a GTA game but its not to violent. You can burn. run-over, shoot and batter your victims and opponents to death and steal cars and blow up building but its on a bloody GBA not a 360. All i'm saying is its not extremely detailed gore , even for that fact its not even gory! The game has a huge map explorable through many vehicles, stealable and findable. Though if on the first map you are bored of seeing the same old car then expect the same when you cross the bridge to the other districts! For those who have never played the GTA franchise i suggest you play either the originals or the more modern versions than this first as you may be dissapointed with the outcome. I think this game is class! All true GTA fans should own this game even if they dont like it as its a major peice of GTA franchise!