This game is terrible. Incredibly hard to control, and impossible to navigate.

User Rating: 3 | Grand Theft Auto (Pokkiri 1400 Series) PS
I picked up this game at a flea market for a dollar. It's terrible compared to the newer 3D games in the series.

The game starts you off with an arrow pointing to your objective. I jacked a car, and began driving towards my objective. I ended up hitting tons of cars and buildings on the way due to the weird camera angle and the crappy steering interface.

After finally finding my objective, I took a mission. It was something to the effect of go to point A, get said car, bring to point B. After a lot more frustrating crashes on the way there, I finally made it and got the car. It pointed another arrow, which led me to a riverbank, where I crashed into numerous trees and fences trying to get back out. I then found a bridge, and had to repeat the horrible process again until I found the garage. Then it gave me another objective, but since I could hardly drive or navigate the map, I failed. Repeat the process 4 more times.

I stopped playing this about an hour after I started, due to frustration. I have pretty low standards for games, but this game is just unplayable because it's so damn frustrating to get from point A to point B.

The only good thing about this game is running around punching or shooting people, which isn't all that entertaining anyways. Don't buy this, it's a total letdown.