one of the best ps1 games

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto (Pokkiri 1400 Series) PS
this game is so great, your in a big city and you just gotta earn some money , how? whit just doing everything against the law. you can kill people steal cars and bikes and blow stuff up all whit a result of beeing chased by the cops but you dont earn that much money whit it. you can also do missions for some gangsters a arrow points at some missions but you can also find some mission whit just searching around the city like you can get a mission when you enter a parked car or when you answer a ringing phone and these missions are also pretty fun to do.

you can also earn money whit selling cars to the docks but that isnt that much fun and there are also several kill frenzies to find wich whil give you unlimited ammo and you must kill a numbre,there are also special ones whit vehicles like tanks and RC cars of people before the timer runs out. when you do some things against the law you'll get a wanted level.
1 wanted level: some cops whil chase you
2 wanted levels: more cops whil chase you
3 wanted levels: the cops whil blockade some roads
4 wanted levels: the cops who blockade the roads whil have machine guns.
you can lose wanted level whit spraying your car. when your dead you'll go to the hospital and you'll lose a life when you are busted you'll go to the police station and you'll lose all you multiplayer ups.

when you got enough money then you must go to the big guy and then you're of to the next level complete 2 levels in a city and you'll go to another city. these cities are liberty city(new york), san andreas(san francisco), vice city(miami).

at a hospital or police station you'll find a pistol this will be your standart weapon there are also 3 other weapons a machine gun and a flame thrower and rocket launcher (the flame thrower and rocket launcher are not in liberty city).

there are also other items like a prison key which will let you keep all the weapons you have if you get busted, an armor which gives you 3 extra hits,speed up,extra life,multiplayer up which will double your money what you get.

the difference whit the pc version is that there are no fire trucks and trains anymore and that kinda sucks but the score doesnt comes to the screen anymore when you kill somebody or something and soundtrack is way better.

this game is a must have its just so fun :D