my review on ALAN WAKE

so i just finished up Alan wake last night, and i believe this is one of the best action / horror games hands down. when i play a horror game i like it to mess with my mind. i don't like ones with monsters and **** thats just so unbelievable that it makes it funny. this game has no "monsters". the game plays like a book with Alan narrating the story. your on the move a lot. then you get some action, then your on the move again, getting pieces of the story as you go. you feel like your a part of this game, like your there with Alan. your trying to figure out what the hell is going on, when he is doing the same. when your going through the woods, your thinking like your there, and what you would do in these situations. i can watch horror movies all day and be fine... get me wrapped up in a good horror game, i all the sudden become afraid of the dark, and in this game you get very involved. i cant wait for the next part to come out, the ending just leaves you...... play the game, its great!!