X-Men Legends is a solidly fun RPG that is head and sholders better than the other X-men games out there!

X-Men Legends is what Marvel comic fans have been waiting for in an X-Men game. Sure, it may be an RPG, but it's still a really cool consept that is effective for the subject matter. 4 player co-op is really where the fun is. The only tough thing is that you must start out by yourself and unlock more X-Men to fight with before any friends can join. The graphics are a solidly comic-booky style that's perfect for an X-Men game. The special powers and attacks are very nice and well done and the action really doesn't get repettitive. The only real weakness to the original X-Men Legends is that is doesn't have online play on PS2 and Xbox. Luckily, this problem was remedied with X-Men Legends 2: Rise of Apocolipse, which I haven't played yet. I recomend X-Men Legends to all X-Men fans and RPG fans alike.