I can describe MU in only one word ..... terrible!!!

Don't waste your time playing MU ; it is a really bad game .....the graphics are very awful (considering the game was launch in 2003), the sound is very repetitive and doesn't make any diference the sound of a weapon to another weapon (for example if you hit an enemy with a blade the sound is the same of the sound that you make with a spear). The gameplay is simple , you only have to click at the enemies with the left mouse button, doesn't have any strategy or difficulty what makes the game boring. For people that doesn't like challenges or to think very much, MU is a good option, because the game has only 1 button, and don't make any difference if you hit the enemy on its back, on its front or on its foot, the damage is always the same. This game doesn't demand nothing of the player, only patience. MU doesn't have any history, you only start the game in a village and begin to level up until you get tired to do always the same thing in the same monotonous sceneries. You don't have any interesting objectives, you only have to level up and level up and level up ......... to NOTHING !!! I could stay much more time here finding in the dicionary words to call names to MU, but I don't want to waste more time speaking about this terrible game. There are a lot of better online games than MU, so don't waste your time in front of the computer pressing always the same button.