Free... 'nuf said.

I hear a lot of complaints on how this is just like all the other MMORPG games out there. Maybe so, but there is one BIG difference that sets this game apart from the others. I can even sum it up in one word. That one word is what makes this so different than all the other online games. Here is the word you have been looking for...


Registration is free and game download is free. Not one red cent will come from your pocket after 100 years of playing this game.

That's right. Free. Why would you pay $180 per year (based on $15/month for 12 months) when you could play the same quality for free. No, this game is not any more innovative or different than the other games, but it is free. They do have an online 'shop' to buy stuff for your character such as potions of healing when you are in the middle of a dungeon, but if you properly equip yourself, it won't be necessary. You can purchase exotic character classes if you so desire, but it isn't necessary to play the game.

You can play this game to the highest level without spending one cent.

So for all the complainers out there that want to keep playing W.O.W. because this game just isn't the same quality (although I beg to differ), go ahead and yell from your soapbox. All I know is I will be $180 richer (+ the cost of software and expansion packs) at the end of the year.

I like that word... Free :) *just makes me smile*