This game is worse than True crime NY. Please just buy San Andreas.

User Rating: 5.5 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City PS2
The very first GTA i ever played was san andreas.My mom dosent like me playing games like that ,so i could not play vice city.Well i bought it from a guy at school,2 weeks ago,and let me tell you this game sucks ass. When I first played there was a sense of freedom,like i could do anything that i wanted.I was driving around doing misssions buying weapons and buildings.Thats until i got to the haitian/cuban conflict.I was walking down the road when a group of hatians ran up on me and began firing.I pulled out my MP5 and began firing back. there were 2 police officers standing by and did nothing until i retaliated on the hatians.This just proves how **** up the police system is. this is the least of the problems seeeing as the game will freeze for no damn reason whatsoever.If you must have a free-roaming game thats cheap this is for you ,otherwise forget about it.