Easily the best metroid game available! warning: May contain spoilers:

PURE AWESOMNESS! describes metroid prime. No person should not have to suffer and not play this gorgeous jewel of a game. And here is why:

graphics: 10/10. Now during this era ( about 2002) graphics were just beggining to look good. Though this game, looks like what graphics are TODAY. and that is a BIG compliment.

Gameplay: 10/10. While we cannot point to shoot, like in MP3, it is extremely good controls, from shooting, grappling, and dashing.

Music: 10/10. Backround music is an excellence in this game. It makes everything sound so epic and dramatic.

Replay value: 8/10. While the story and bosses cannot be replayed, you can go back to your fav places.

Boss/enemy fights: 11/10. This is where the game excels and strenghthens. Enemies: Rapidly shooting enemies may get boring after a while, but this game puts thought into enemy fights. You have to dodge, use specific weapons, such as the wave, ice, and plasma for some enimes. Bosses: GAH! Bosses are a HUGE work of excellence in MP. Those battles require thought and strategy, and that is what I love about some boss fights. Like when you fight meta ridley, it requires all the skills you have gotten so far, and also in the final boss fight, against metroid prime.

Storyline: 9/10. While no text is an issue, cutscenes kinda tie some things together. The story can get really good and suspensful at times. Like when samus removes her helmet with 75% of item collection. And the most suspensful part in the game is when at 100% item collection, when metroid prime transforms into dark samus at the end, and it leaves you hanging.
That is all I have to say about Metroid Prime, which is the best metroid game available.