Fluid play mechanics and a compelling narrative come together to form an outstanding gaming experience. Assassin's creed

It features life-like A.I., which really helps flesh out the expansive world.
Altair is as interesting and memorable a character as Ubisoft's other stars, Sam Fisher and The Prince of Persia. The most notable aspect of Altair's character is that he has apparently invented parkour (free running) about 800 years before the French. The assassin can leap, swing, climb and scramble across nearly any surface, and use the rooftops as his personal expressway. Controlling his movement is a simple matter of manipulating the R trigger and A button to tell the game what you want him to do and where he should do it .The world can feel a little too expansive at times. The gigantic environments can be overwhelming. Fighting mechanics take practice to master. day/nigth, weather effects, lots of animals like wolfs one of the best games of this year