Defines the word 'chaos'...

[Please note that I do not play online, at all, so I will not be reviewing this part of the game.]

Action-packed is the best way to describe this awesome game. You basically drive around certain battle fields [cities] and just blow the crap out of anything that moves. There's a huge variety of weapons that you can choose from. I personally enjoyed the heat-guided rockets the most. The bad thing about this game is that it is way too short. You can probably beat the game in about 8 hours, and I mean it, literally. That won't unlock all of the characters of course, but you WILL get through the story line.

You'll rarely find yourself listening to the music in the background because the weapons' effects are just loud, plus you're too busy trying to kill and/or escape from your opponents. The do sometimes play awesome trance music though. Heavy Metal comes up every now and then as well. This is not the strongest point of this game, though.

You can easily say that the graphics are crips and clean, plus very bright. This game is as good [graphics wise] as the Playstation 2 version.

Like I mentioned before, the game is pretty short, so If I were you, I'd rent it first and purchase it later. Now, if you actually have a wireless router, then a new door will open up to you. A door that is still locked for me, unfortunetly. If you want to, send me a message and tell me what you think of the online play and I'll add it to this review. Thanks, hope this helps...


# Incredible graphics
# Deep gameplay
# Strong replay value


# Too short
# Controls can be tricky at first
# Boss fights can be frustrating