Great game play. Shame about the cut scenes that make you want to eat your own face.

MGS4's game play is deep and diverse. As always, stealth is Snake's greatest ally and the ways in which you can outwit your foes are plentiful. Having said that, it also makes for a fun shooter, and if you don't fancy being sneaky, you can opt to storm buildings with an impressive arsenal. Having both styles available makes for a really good time and allows you to change tactics frequently and play using a style that suits you.

The environments are also top notch and take you from war torn battlefield to snow capped islands- they look amazing. It's just a shame that you don't get to spend more time within them. Just as you're getting into the flow of a mission you'll stumble helplessly into a cut scene that will break your pace and continue to run for an agonising amount of time. Be prepared to endure frequent animations, some of which that last for well over an hour. It's a shame. A cut scene is used to gently move the narrative along, but here it bulldozers the game play and leaves you totally out of the onscreen action for a long, long time. For me, it ruined what might have been a perfect game. I was left with around 4 hours of actual time spent in game (which was an absolute blast!) but the rest of the time I spent trying to gnaw off my own ears just to escape the boredom of a game that all too often becomes a tediously long movie.