The worse thing to happen too Ace Combat

To make it short, I hate it everything new they did too the game play Mechanic such as switching to cut scene in the middle of gameplay making you lose control of your plane in some missions, No control over your Squad mates, and the Biggest Foul Up in this game Go Too...[Drum Roll Please] It's...The DFM thing the worst thing EVER!!! I mean who ever heard of slow your plane down in a Dogfight... except if you count that stupid movie Top Bun. Here you are trying to escape from the bad guy and the only solution is to slow down and aloud the other guy to nail you all the while your here trying to do this stupid counter move that if and when it does come you might escape. The other stuff such as Bomber Mission and Chopper Missions were good at braking from doing the same Jet Missions over and over again but that was not enough to make me happy being a Fan of the Series since it was called Air Combat back on PS1, I own all Ace Combat games, Air Combat, Ac2, Ac3 The U.S. Version as well as the original Japanese Version with the cut scene that were Deleted from the U.S. Version, Ac4, Ac5, Ac0, Ac6 For Xbox bad move. And for my PSP AcX and Ac joint assault so as i said I'm a huge ace com Nut that why I chose that as my Handle. But this game made me smash my controller on the ground for the first time in years with all the DFM and all the Cut scene in the way of my game play not too mention the Tutorials in the middle of combat when they should have been before combat but NO..... They had to put them right in the middle of the fight. I could go on but as i said to keep it short these are the biggest problems I had with the game. Hopefully the makers will quickly learn from there Mistakes and Make something that will stand tall and proud right along side it's Former's.