Lots of fun

First of all, i have both soul calibur 4 for xbox and soul calibur broken destiny for psp.
I always thought that console games were better in any way than portable ones. Well, i was wrong.
Soul calibur 4 is a great game, an entertainment to play with friends or online. But it's even better to take a game like that with you, to play it whenever you want, have a match while on the toilet if you want.
Customization of the characters is amazing, and from certain points of view even better than the console version. The combat is fast, and adapted to the psp. I actually winded up playing using moves that i never used on the xbox. It might be just an impression, but i felt the pace really took a step forward, without losing it's integrity.
Downside, virtually no story.
If you're interested in a fighting game and you possess a psp, this game is a great choice.