WARNING!!! this game is a waste of time as well as money and plastics.

great they did it.they made an interactive movie that even bill gates would have problems to run on his computer.no matter what HW will you have,it will allways lag.not to mention that it isnt even fun.all things that were fun were immediatelly removed for the sake of success[cause only a basement dwellers with no lives would want to play this **** life simulator].you play as some russian fa.got[CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHY RUSSIAN? I WANT TO PLAY AS MURRICAN GODDAMMIT!]that heard of something called murrican dream[an ultimate BS,as we all know life mostly suck everywhere].so he went to america to be able to steer only in 10 MPH,do one mission over 9000 times,suck at fistfight,and watching tv.now can someone tell me.......WHY THE HELL I WOULD WANT TO WATCH TELEVISION IN A G.A.M.E?this is absurd.im playing a game cause i want to have some fun! another piece of crap is cellphone.now what is that for? oh i know!
because typing UZUMYMW was too easy,so cheat codes must be encrypted in numbers.gameplay is unbelievably clunky[srsly killing someone with a baseball bat feels like trying to kill him with with anvil].firefights also suck because you have same ammount of health as anyone else,and one stupid cop takes 3 shots from eagle to kill[not to mention DE uses magnum ammunition and one shot would make you look like fresh resource for chinese restaurants].all characters are easily forgetable and annoying[NIKOLETSGOBOWLING NIKOLETSGODRINKING NIKOLETSGOBOWLING.catching on anyone?].oh and did i mentioned that half of weapons are gone? yep no parachute,shovel,poolcue,cane and so on.also no jetpack,airplanes and helis are useless cause there is no fking parachute!

pros:absolutelly none.mafia 2 looks better and dont lags.it is also very enjoyable,unlike TPOS.

cons:evrything i see on this game is con.stupid controlls,inbalanced,buggy,broken,hard,unplayable,laggy[yes allways],unfair.....all these words fits it better than paintjob on car.

if you want to waste money on this game,give it on charity.a win-win decision.