read this!!! worth your while...

User Rating: 7 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PS2's a nice game to have if u already have all the other gta's always better to buy a gta game that doesnt have the word "stories" in it's title (since liberity city stories was terrible and vice city stories is ok but no where near vice city) if u already have the rest of the gta games (not including gta>a london>a 2 cos those games r old..) it could be a nice adding to your collection...if you are still thinking of buying it after what I said read this:

the good: vice city looks great, voice acting is good, story is nice but no where near the other gta stories (specialy san andreas), great funny radio dialgues and music, if you find other gta games hard this game is a little bit easier, taking over businesses and doing business related missions is cool and is worth a lot of money

the bad: police and rival gangs AI is a little bit stupid and when aiming and shooting at you they will most likely miss 90% of what they shoot since they dont shoot directly at you they just shoot to your direction-this can make missions easier but it kinda takes the fun out of the free roaming (unless u r a real noob that is better off with out the challange), Your character (what ever he's name is...I think it's victor something...) is not a real tough guy..he doesnt want to get into trouble yet has no problem killing people and doing risky jobs...kinda spoiles the story.

this game really has the feel and gameplay of a GTA game...but it could be much better with a little more efford put into it...unless u r looking to increase your gta collection buy vice city or san much better...if u still think its a game u want to have..I say rent it first...when i just got it I had a really bad first impression...then I got kicked out of the army and the game gets a little better...but san andreas&vice city are WAY better...