If you own them all, like I do, then you'll want this 1 too.

User Rating: 8.2 | Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories PS2
For the life of me, I don't understand why the "critics" are **** that this game is "just a port." For those of us that do not have the time to spend on the PSP to play it, when the time IS available, would rather play it on a home console, this is PERFECT! The learning curve on this is virtually nothing, if you own/have played the others, which is great. That allows you to jump right in, & try to follow the story. The only thing that I realy don't like about the ". . . Stories" versions of Grand Theft, is they tend to leave you cheated on the pieces in the game. What I mean by that, is there's A LOT less of EVERYTHING. Less vehicles. Less interactive things to get involved with. It's like the city is there, but it's not. I understand that these are supposed to be prequels of their subsequent titles; but, it seems like the timespan between the 2 (Grand Theft Auto 3/...Liberty City Stories & Grand Theft Auto: Vice City/...Vice City Stories) is almost to the point of being prehistoric. Was the city not completed during the "... Stories" versions on the game? Exactly how much time prior to the actual title are the "... Stories" games supposed to be?!? Other than that, the game is worth the time spent. In all truth, after playing the "... Stories" games, it made me want to go back, & re-complete the respective games (although, after I finish the Vice City stories, I'll probably pass on replaying Vice City, due to the length of the story! LOL). Also, sometimes, the controls are a little off on this 1, too.