The best GTA game ever and my last!

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3

I been playing GTA for a long time. I still remember watching videos of GTAIII at gamespot. It looked so cool how the cars got damaged and doors opened up. I was more amazed once i actually played it on PS2. Playing a fully open world game was something very new to me. There was so much replay value to go where you want, do what you want. Now i finished the latest GTA game in the series... and this is the best one.

How in the world did Rockstar manage to get this game running on PS3? The world is bigger than GTAIV, the view distance is better, there are more cars on screen, characters are more detailed... just wow! Its amazing how a console with such low ram and weak GPU can do something like this. On PC with the same specs you wont even manage to start the game! Its true the framerate is not the best, it goes down to the low 20's a lot. That aside the game looks better on PS3 than 360 and runs at native 720p.

There is so much to do on the single player story. There are tons of main and side missions that can even pop up as you are driving. I do miss the cop, ambulance, firefighter missions from the past, but the tons of other missions make up for it.

Voice acting is great for all characters. The actors did a great job and the writers too. This is one of the funniest if not the funniest GTA games ever. The radio stations could of been better though, most of them are not very good.

The city is more alive than ever. If you start smashing your cars horn or hitting the gas while stopped, other drivers will actually get mad! Some people even get mad if you get in their backyard, or call the cops on you if you bothering them. There are some downgrades though... i notice i cant buy hot dogs like on GTAIV :b Well this is just minor stuff but adds a lot when you are playing the game.

GTA has always been about driving cars to do whatever you have to do and it's nice that all cars handle different. In past GTA games cars didn't all handle the same way either, but in GTAV you can notice the difference is much higher between them. One thing i don't like though is when your car is upside down you can flip it back up with the analog stick... hmm Rockstar, that's lame.

I really like how Rockstar is now showing boobs on their games. I think they learn from God of War games... but there is something that is just not right. Ever since the ballad of gay tony DLC... (DONT READ IF UNDER 18) they been showing too much .i. like seriously? I'm a guy and i don't need to see something like that, are they trying to make me throw up or something? If they are so brave to show something so nasty then why not show a womans V?? Yeah...

GTAOnline is... well it was fun for a few days, mostly playing with friends. There is a lot of stuff to do, from golf, tennis, deathmatch, darts, racing of all kinds, and even parachuting. The problem is that GTAO is not competitive for racing or shooting or anything. If you want good racing play Gran Turismo, if you want a good shooter play Killzone, if you want a good tennis game play virtua tennis or whatever its called! The only decent thing i see to do on GTAO was playing co op with friends and leveling up... once that was done GTAO became pointless... it didn't last long.

Hacks and glitches. GTAV is full of glitches. I got hit with a terrible single player glitch where every time i use my phones internet the entire game glitches!!! Shocking glitch still not fixed as i'm writing this! Even worse is the online hacking and glitching. Everyone knows about the money and XP glitches, but there are also hackers... like a guy i found that gave me more than 700 million... well he was giving millions to everyone, not just me. Giving money was also disabled at the time and has a $5000 cap... yeah hacks. So yeah... the GTAO economy as well as all of GTAO is dead. Rockstar will never get online right.

I played GTAV non stop for nearly 2 months. This is my favorite GTA of the series, but after playing so many GTA games... i feel its over. I need to move on to new games next gen. Goodbye Rockstar, its been fun.

Story: 9

Graphics: 10

Sound: 9

Gameplay: 8

Value: 9