GTA Online

User Rating: 1 | Grand Theft Auto Online PS3

GTA Online missions are boring. The GTA Online community is annoying as heIll. The lacking of entertainment makes me puke. Also Having to continuously make character after character will piss you off. Also there isn't 500 missions so that was a lie. Also people kill you over and over when you are trying to do jobs and that sucks. The little expletive kids don't shut the hell up. Once you get into a session there's pure mayhem going on which can be fun but most of the time It makes the game an atrocity. It was so hyped up before launch but as soon as you play the GTA Online experience feels like crap. The fact that GTA Online was in beta stage sometimes made It utterly impossible to play.

In conclusion I was truly disappointing and I expected Rockstar to deliver a quality experience but they failed.

GTA Online = 1/10