Grand Theft Auto 5 is a massive game but it does have it's flaws.

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto V PS3
Many were disappointed with GTA4 for it's size and lead character and in game game mechanics so GTA5 changes that.

For this game you control 3 characters Michael a retired gangster who is thrown back into the job after he owes people money,Franklin a kid looking to learn and Trevor the nutcase really.

What the game does do is change the gameplay mechnics like shooting which makes it feel more like a true next gen title unlike GTA4 that didn't The cover system is improved and so is the aiming system.

Also unlike prevvious titles it takes a couple of nods from fellow Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption with Special Abilities to each character and side missions added to keep you occupied. However some side missions you don't do straight away go away and that is a tad unfair because everything should be available at all time once it's open.

Switching between characters on the go is very easy and for all 3 each have their own stats like Levelling up system to help them with certain scenarios. Also each character has a perferred ability that they excel at.

There are things like Hiests which take each character to ddo a certain job and some options on how you plan to excute a perfect Hiest. They really help the game excel.

As well as all this you can buy shares in a Stock Market,own places like Theatres,Bars,Airports and more and sometimes you get called for an important job.

However there are flaws with certain things like when people are added to your contact list most of them are basically pointless and also landing a plane can be a bit of a pain too.

The music in the game features all types of genres like Pop,Hip Hop,Rock to all different kinds and you will know some songs as well. The area is massive gigantic even and it is hard to know if you have seen certain areas.

Overall a 40 hour plus game add in some extras for doing certain missions and it should keep you busy for a while. It's not the perfect game but it's better than GTA4.

Overall Score 9.1